A home has a heart & mind that has knowledge stored within it.



Suite 07 raises the bar in the development and A-to-Z design of bespoke turn-key residential properties by creating spaces of warmth, depth and transformative energy. The Copenhagen-based full-service agency, founded by Cora Lucaz and Kristian Groth in 2017, combines areas of expertise that encompass architecture, design and renovation on their quest to design bespoke estates characterized by Suite 07’s distinct aesthetic flow of harmony, empathy and balance that turns each room into a haven through the thoughtful use of expressive details.


With a superb work ethic and a genuine sense of joy in all undertakings of beauty, Suite 07 brings its utmost attention to every stage of each project: from location scouting to major renovations, architecture and interior design, to project management and art curation. As a result, Suite 07 delivers highly individual homes executed to the most exacting standards.

This modus operandi is a strength: Suite 07 guides its clients in their journey to consciously develop a sense of beauty, to grow and elevate their aesthetic sensibility with a respectful approach to history and location.

Our philosophy embodies the belief that a home has a heart & mind that has knowledge stored within it, which forms the home’s foundations. Through light and colour, sound and image, and, crucially, the passage of time, the elements of a home combine to form a unique architectural expression and a distinctive flow that’s specific to Suite 07’s design DNA.


Suite 07 believes a healthy, well-rounded life starts with a healthy, multi-faceted home with space for all of life’s sensory aspects – the arts, culture, food, wine, exercise and entertaining – to be experienced from day to day, for your family and your guests, with the intention of stimulating a life-long formation process.

Taking into account each project’s context – the environment that surrounds it, the lifestyle the client envisions, the concept that frames its identity – enables us to create spaces that are reflective of our universe: properties that encourage well-being, give a sense of security, that possess just the right tonality, craftsmanship and design details. Aesthetics as a balsam for the soul; a place where time stands still. We call it: The Perfect Place.


A life-long investment makes good business sense, and that’s exactly how Suite 07 sees the value of a residential property with the potential of an estate.

Suite 07 focuses on enduring beauty and impeccable aesthetic creation, which is an ambition that can be achieved only upon a sound financial basis. To this end, we collaborate with the market’s best advisors and real estate partners – experienced and competent professionals with proven track records. With this particular set of goals, Suite 07 succeeds in meeting the demands of our clients, investors and developers by creating residential properties of future-proof value and quality, ever-evolving places where life unfolds.


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